Aki and Pawpaw movies are not just funny, they are mostly true reflection of how many of us grew up in different parts of Nigeria.

Despite the funniest movies by the duo were released many years back, some of the most viral skits across social media networks today come from Aki and Pawpaw movies.

One thing most of the new sensational social media comedians miss is jumping on trends or wrapping their materials around things that are not really organic to the socioeconomic situation of everyday Nigerian.

It is hard choosing 5 Aki and Pawpaw moves that are the funniest. But, we will share those we believe every grownup Nigerian can relate with any day anytime.

Come with us…

Aki and Pawpaw Differentiate between Present and Past Tense

Who does not have one or two stories of getting into trouble when asked questions by school teachers? Some teachers could actually turn your classroom to hell for you should you get the answer wrong. Lol.

And then, there are good Samaritans who would whisper the answer or quickly write on a piece of paper for you to save your ego, especially if there was a very fine girl in your class whom your friends knew you were crushing on.

Watch Aki and Pawpaw differentiate between present and past tense.

Aki Asks Why His Father Was Poor

Aki was born by a poor father, so he sat him (Sam Loco) down one day to find out why their family were sinking in poverty.

Sam Loco didn’t help matters. His chief reason for being poor was that his father and grandfather too were poor.

Aki wouldn’t want to grow up in poverty, and as such he had a strong word of advice for his father.

Find out yourself.

Aki and Pawpaw Deals with Their Tough Teacher

Some teachers made one not to want to go school then. Like, once it hit you that you could run into that particular teacher, you would grow hot and cold at the same time.

Aki and Pawpaw had such teacher but they found their own way of dealing with him. Imagine catching a wicked teacher in such a compromising position that he had to pay his way out.

Watch them teach their teacher a bitter lesson.

Aki and Pawpaw Get Emotional as Their Savings Disappeared

Those of us who grew up saving our monies with wooden boxes can relate.

While some kids found it cool to pool their funds together little by little, especially to buy beautiful Christmas clothes. Some were in the habit of emptying these boxes.

If you once came back to find your box empty like Aki and Pawpaw, line up here let’s stage a peaceful protest… Lol!

Watch the expression on Pawpaw’s face as they met empty saving box.

Aki and Pawpaw in Their Most Mischievous Element

Boarding students reading this, you know how it is… Yeah?

Those mischievous mates that put all sort of funny things in your bunk, plate, shoes or clothes.. Remember them?

That’s what Aki and Paw did here that made a whole family man run out of the bathroom to dance without song or beat at least…

We cannot thank Aki and Pawpaw enough for making our growing such unforgettable fun for us.

Share your funniest Aki and Pawpaw movies in the comment sections. Also tell us which of their mischievous acts you carried out or experienced while growing up.

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