Hey guys, how is it going with y’all? And how has your weekend been so far?

So I’m going to be getting into some things.. Trust me, inside Nollywood gist hot and fresh for you.

A few days ago, our own able honorable, Desmond Elliot said foreign movies should be banned in the Nigerian market and cinemas…

Funny right?? How possible, really??

His statement has been trailed with mixed reactions with many people saying that Nollywood has not gotten up to that standard yet where they will dominate the movie market alone..

My opinion is if Hollywood bans our movies too then how do we go Global??

We need their movies as a constant reminder of good content and how we can better improve our contents.

Before we talk about banning foreign movies, I think the government should help us look into piracy and curbing it..

For now, let us focus on creating international standard movies…

latest hollywood movies

Government and relevant institutions should provide grants or loan schemes that can help us better our craft, solve our distribution problems, get networks to pay good money to help us produce better contents.

Until then, foreign movies are not our problem .

This is my own opinion, you can drop yours below in the comment section
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Dabby Chimere signing out for now. Catch you soon.

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